Sketching in a background

Sketching in a very loose background ~

"It's not how much you give but how much love you put into giving"

 - Mother Teresa

These furry little friends would walk uphill both ways in a snow storm to get their little gifts of Christmas delivered to each other. 

The background here was simply drawn in with very little to no artistic skills, probably more on the later.  I used a very light grey copic marker to draw in the illusion of hills and then just blended that color out a bit with an even lighter grey. 

I wanted the scene to appear that the characters were in fact very far away from each other travelling with their gifts in hand to deliver to each other. So ideally each in their own scene so to speak. Sort of like, if you looked in a crystal ball and could see all 3 friends on their journey to each other at the same time. 
I'm not quite sure if I captured that or not. I can see it, however I'm the person who intended it that way. 
I also didn't want the background to look perfectly sketched ( which is a good thing since I couldn't perfectly sketch ) so that it would match up with the style of the illustrated characters. 

I used the edges of a tree stamp to randomly stamp and color a few branches on the edges of the background panel, just to kind of pull the scene together. 

This type of scene is so random that one can barely tell that my bunny's sled is actually floating in mid air - not intended, that's just how it happened. I'd like to think the focus will be on the characters and the sentiment and that the receiver maybe won't notice the air born sled. I don't want to toss a card front that 
has a lot of potential simply due to a tiny "oops".

In the creative world...We make it work!