Picket Fence Pick of the Patch Fun Fold Card

How cute is this Picket Fence Pick of the Patch Card?
Yes, your right, it's adorable! 
And once again... I mixed and matched some stamp sets to create this fun card, along with a stencil for the background on the inside of the card. 
Pulling products from all around the craft room encouraging you to do the same. 

As well as created a bit of storyline like we talked about in the Snow Bunny card a few posts back. The see thru picket fence on the bottom of the card front creates an element of intrigue - the recipient wants to know what's behind that fence?!

The card tents up like an easel which comes from our tutorial for the Glowing Autumn Card last week. Same measurements. 

The story unfolds on the inside of the card with this lovely stenciled apple tree and a basket on the ground with apples tumbling out of it. 
Die cut green grass acts as a place holder for the card when its upright position to hold the card in place for showcasing.

I guess there would have been a little more of a story if I had stamped an inside sentiment, however I didn't yet.  I'm still deciding what I would like to say inside of the fun autumn card. There is certainly plenty of room for a sentiment and for writing a personal message. 

I used Pick of the Patch stamp set and some other random stamps & stencils that I had. I do have another version that is completely from Stampin' Up stamp sets.

So... do we want to learn to create this card?! 

Let me know in the comments below πŸ‘‡