New Mini Catalog Release Today... Plus More!


Good Morning Everyone! 
I hope the day is going great so far.  It's still early here, slightly overcast and very, very hot ~ like to the tune of 42 degrees or will be in a few hours. Currently it's sitting at I think feels like 33 degrees. That's quite warm for this time of the morning.  It certainly doesn't feel like September weather. 

September... I'm still processing the beginning of  September and how
 we got here this quickly!?  I'm quite sure I was just waiting for snow to melt and then suddenly leaves are changing color. 

September brings so many changes with it - the temperatures as we transition
 to fall, the leaves change from a comfortable refreshing green to brilliant
 shades of yellow, orange and red hues. Life becomes less relaxing and a
 little more hectic as the summer holidays come to a close and we begin
 to stress about all things fall and winter while sipping our Pumpkin 
Spice latte, wrapped in a warm cozy blanket.

We start to think about turkeys, pumpkins, snow shovels, heating bills and whether Great Aunt Ida is bringing sweet potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner?! There are lists to be made - be it grocery items or Christmas gifts, there are back packs to be packed, and "Mom, I need to you to sign this permission slip"... Until everything in our brain looks like a tangled mess of Christmas lights!

Now... while I can't help you sort out that whole thought process I can help to
 guide you to some fun new products that will give you an hour or two at stolen moments in your craft space with your favorite bottle of wine 
( glass of wine - did I say bottle? ), 
or a well deserved cup of coffee or tea, some beautiful designer
 paper and some glue...

While we are talking designer paper... Stampin Up has just released
 5 beautiful packs of paper !

Beautiful New Designer Paper!!
 This paper is an online only exclusive, it's gorgeous, and you
just have to go have a look at it! 

Designer Paper Overload!!! 
There are also brand new paper packs in this New Mini Catalog -
 also just released this morning!

So check out the New Mini Catalog, filled with some great new products to 
help you with your fall and winter paper craft projects, and keep you in that craft space enjoying quality "you time" while still accomplishing Holiday cards, teacher gifts, Halloween Treat packaging, and yes we will be creating all of those things here. There will be lots of tutorials for fun new projects! 

With all of that being said, I don't like to be a walking billboard and be
 pushing sales at you all! 
(If you spend any time on this page you know that )
You are all grown up people that can make decisions for yourselves, and decide what you like and what you don't like. 
What I do like to do is share things with you  - a card I've made,
 a how-to to create it, a great new product that I tried and liked, a sale, 
and maybe even some products from a clearance bin. 
My goal is for you to leave this page having learned something, having
 felt welcome and knowing you can ask a question or leave your thoughts
 or inspiration for a card or paper project. 

You are not here to buy a product. I certainly appreciate when you do,
 but that is not why you are here. 
I always encourage all of you to use the products that you have in your stash. When you re create a project that I have given instructions for with a product
 you already have - that unleashes your creativity, and creativity is a 
wonderful exercise for the brain to release stress and mind boggle. 

So, while today's post may seem a bit "sales pitchy" ... it is definitely not meant to be, but when so many products are brand new and released on one day, and I'm super excited about them, I just have to share them with you! 

I'm sure all of you will be super excited if I purchase some new
 designer paper to create projects with!! You have got to be as tired of 
seeing gingham as I am!! 

I've shown you how to get to the new catalog, and the new designer papers, however there is just one more thing that I wanted to point out to you that is new, and it's a new Christmas card kit from the Kits collection. 
The Kits can sometimes be hard to find on the website, so I have shown it below with a link of course so you can easily have a look at it to. 

I liked this kit because it screams simple and easy, yet looks quite festive. 
This feels like a kit that would be great to put together with the kids cozied up on a chilly afternoon, maybe you have a friend that you would like to get some craft time in with, I've even done a kit or 2 with my husband. 
It's all quality time and that's good for the soul!

You can check out the Christmas is Everywhere kit - right here

Lots to see today... so I'm going to go and create a much needed coffee and
 browse some of the new products and let my mind get to what I can create
 to share with all of you! 

Please feel free to share any thoughts, ideas, or questions about the new products. 
You can comment below or send me an email

Have a blessed day!