Adventures in Water coloring a card front

So as you all know, I have been having quite a time getting products that I've ordered from Stampin' Up ~ I'm not sure at this point what the issue is, however it is resulting in products that I have ordered arriving 6 - 8 weeks after I have ordered them. It is said to be shipping, yet I have no problems getting anything else to ship in a very timely fashion. 

These delays create a real issue when trying to create projects to show to all of you. If I can't get the products I can't show card ideas to everyone - right?! 
All other Stampin' Up demonstrators have showed their gorgeous designs with new product long before mine ever even arrives. 
This week gone by ... I had a card class scheduled with the Trucking Along bundle, which still had not arrived! A bit of a panic was undertaken as I tried to figure out what I would switch up the card class with at the very last minute...

So... water color images became the class. 
The class turned out very successful and everyone was happy to learn a new trick. 
However, I had never done water color images before 🀯.
In the past I had used a water pen and ink to swoosh some ink across a card front, or to loosely color in an image, but never picked up a paint brush to actually create an image. So I was completely flying by the seat of my paints with this class!!

In the end... everyone really enjoyed the class and they were able to pick up a new skill, along with an adventure they never thought they would take.

I actually surprised myself!
And I loved it... 
Now obviously we started with simple images. None of us were ready to start painting a full scene by any means, but our end result turned out quite nice!
The cards above were a few of my images. 
Please be nice...and keep in mind this is my first attempt at this. 
I do hope to continue to do some water color cards as I think they are beautiful and something that perhaps the recipient can frame or keep in some way as the work of art it is intended to be. 

My question to you ~ Have any of you done water color paintings, card fronts, or images of some type?

Please let me know in the comments below...πŸ‘‡

I hope you have enjoyed these few cards and that they have left you with some creative inspiration... mostly the courage to try a new technique!!