Creating a Recipe Card ~ Strawberry Freezer Jam

Time to Spice up your recipe files!!
If your recipes look mine and they are hand scribbled on scraps of paper tossed in a drawer, in a box or container of some sort - then this post is for you!!

Easily turn your scraps of recipes into something as bragworthy as the 
recipe itself! 

Today's recipe file card features Sweet, Juicy Strawberries in the form of quick 
and easy Strawberry Freezer Jam!

Strawberries are in full force here in Ontario, but the season is fast coming to an end. To preserve that beautiful strawberry goodness to have another day I like to turn the berries into Freezer Jam.  Creating this quick recipe card I can now find my recipe with a lot more ease!

The recipe card is not only great for my own files, it's perfect for gift giving! 
Pop it in a birthday card, or a just because card. 
Pass your recipe on to a family member in the form of this beautiful recipe card.

I will be passing these cute recipe cards on to my children so they can recreate Mom's recipes down the road for themselves. 

You can pop these little recipe cards into a plastic sleeve in a small binder. Sleeves to fit can be purchased on Amazon or stationary stores. 

The tutorial includes a jar topper to make your jars of jam look perfectly cute!

You will need to download both of the files below to create this recipe card.

@The Paper Artist