Top 5 Paper Crafting Tools ( results from fellow paper crafters )


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Our recent polling results have revealed the top 5 paper crafting tools that will help you create stunning showcase cards. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned crafter, having the right tools can make all the difference. From precision scissors to stamp positioning tools, our list has got you covered. Read on to discover the must-have paper crafting tools that will take your card-making to the next level.

First up was Stampin' Ups Paper Trimmer.
This paper trimmer allows you to create perfect cuts on your paper with clearly marked measurements in inches and centimeters. This trimmer extends to 17 inches to allow plenty of room for extra large projects.
However the best part would be that you can cut your paper layers and then score them without having to get out another tool.
There are 2 sliding blades on this trimmer ~ 1 for cutting and 1 for scoring.
Of course at some point you will need to purchase replacement blades for cutting, which are available from Stampin' Up.
A 2 in 1 tool is always a great addition to any craft room!
A great paper trimmer allows for perfectly cut card bases and layers, as well as nice clean scored sections.

Scissors ~ were next on the list!
I was a bit surprised that Scissors were 2nd on the list. I thought maybe 4th or 5th, but ok scissors are very important when creating cards. Wether you are fussy cutting images, just straight cutting paper, cutting ribbon or tape, or just plain using the pointy end to help you pick or poke something.
And... each of those activities should have it's own tool ( or scissors ).
Fussy cutting images require a small pair of scissors with precision blades and sharp pointed ends.
General Paper Cuts require long, sharp blades on the scissors with smooth edges that allow the paper to be cut in 1 foul swoop for a cleaner looking cut.
Sharp precision blades are also great for a nice clean edge when cutting ribbon.
Tape, foam tape, anything sticky ~ should never be cut with the same scissors that you use for paper cutting. Keep your old scissors or a designated pair for this task.
Everyone seemed to have a different preference when it came to their favorite scissors and they ranged from Stampin' Up paper snips, Fiskars, Cutter Bee, and were among the most popular brands.

As far as picking or poking something... there is a special tool for that in itself!
The Take Your Pick Tool from Stampin' Up is hands down one of the most popular multi purpose tools, it rated high on this poll. It's usefulness is definitely worth the few dollars it costs.
 A tacky putty end easily picks up sequins, paper accents, and other small objects. The other end has 2 changeable, double-ended tips with paper piercer, mini spatula, small stylus, and large stylus. There is a also a brush tip that can be purchased separately. 
There are many tools like this on the market, so we won't get into comparing them since each tool was a bit different and prices for the tool were all over the place.  

Adhesives made it to #4 on the list ~ and rightfully so, without adhesives we couldn't complete many of our projects!
I had to group the answers as there were so many types of adhesives chosen in the survey.  Liquid glue - a definite must in the craft room though it must be fast adhering, durable and helpful it dries clear.  It comes in as a much cheaper option for several projects. Though sometimes it just isn't the right adhesive for the task.
Tape seal will accomplish pretty much anything liquid glue will with much more ease and less wet mess. Unless of course you have a tape seal that refuses to work correctly, then of course that can be a sticky situation!
Glue Dots are perfect for attaching those tiny little objects quickly, and of course many options out there when it comes to choosing glue dots. 
Double sided tape or Tear n Tape usually comes with a very strong adhesion and is a great option when your cards have fun little mechanisms that are will be getting a lot of action! 
Foam Tape ~ is a must when you would like to add a bit of dimension to your card. Foam tape is the perfect pairing when creating a shaker card, or a card that has frame layers. There are several widths of foam tape to get the job done! 
Quite similar to foam tape are foam strips ~ extremely handy when creating the same type of card layouts that require a foam tape.  The foam comes in adhesive strips that can be cut to just the right size. 
Again, many purchasing options for all of these products.

Stamping blocks/ stamp positioning tools were #5 on the top paper crafting tools survey.  Stamping blocks are great to get the job done, they allow you to see where you are stamping in hopes that your image or sentiment will be straight or end up where you intended it to be. They can be purchased in many sizes to fit different image sizes that you might be stamping, which can get rather pricey. 
The other option is a stamp positioning tool of some sort. Stamp blocks were my "go to" for everything until I discovered a stamp positioning tool.  The amazing stamparatus from Stampin' Up is what I was first introduced to.  Stampin' Up no longer carries this tool though research shows that the Misti stamping tool is quite popular!!  I may have to try one!!  
Either of these stamp positioning tools have endless possibilities when it comes to lending ease when it comes to creating amazing cards. They allow for precise stamping by way of grids and ruler markings. You can stamp the image as many times as you wish since handy little magnets hold your paper in place, so you know that the 2nd stamping will be placed exactly where the 1st stamp was laid. 
This type of stamping tool is great for multiple stamping ~ so if you have a lot of cards or sentiments that require the same images or sentiments.  
Place the whole card layout on the acrylic panel, ink up the images and sentiments and stamp on your paper layer all at once. I don't usually do this, however the option is there. 
In my studio, a stamp positioning tool is my most used tool after the paper trimmer. It is such a multi purpose tool which saves purchasing a bunch of other products.
It's perfect for precise sentiment stamping, 2 or 3 step stamping, multiple stamping, and so much more. 
There are some cheaper options for a stamp positioning tool as well, that I haven't tried personally, yet I have seen in videos.

So that wraps up the Top 5 Tools ~ for now! 
By no means do I know everything there is to know about any of the above products nor am I encouraging purchase of any of them. This Top 5 paper crafting Tool post was simply a gathering of info from other paper crafters and the tools that are most important to them when crafting ( not a sales pitch ) .  

Most certainly if anyone has added info on a product, or a type of product they find better than another ~ opinions are always welcomed in the comments below.
We will be following up with some other products that did make it to the list, 
 in the future such as cardstock and ink to best guide you with those 
ever important tools as well. 

I hope this "Top 5" post has helped some of you to figure out what tools are most needed and maybe what isn't when it comes to your crafting space! 

Stay well, stay safe, and Happy Crafting!