Beautiful card created from a childhood Christmas memory!


I've been working on a layout for this card, and though I know it just looks like your average card using the Christmas Barn Bundle....  It is not average. 

Nor is it the actual card or stamp set that I had in mind when I started to design this project. 

The layout for this card first came to light while thinking about some favorite Christmas Eve memories from my childhood...

 Remembering warm toasty evenings by the fire on the farm, while snowflakes fell outside. 
The anticipation and excitement waiting for Santa's long awaited arrival. 
'Twas The Night Before Christmas' was always read before bed. The pages of Christmas story books are always decorated so festively, and create such an element of wonder about the adventures yet to unfold inside the cover.

This is the feeling that I was trying to capture in the creation of this card.  Probably no where near that dramatic as I am neither an writer or an illustrator. 

Open the card front and the story unfolds...

Ok.. maybe it's not quite as dramatic as my memory... yet it was still fun to create.  

My thought process to achieve the 3D story book look that I was looking for actually came from another childhood  Christmas memory... the Lifesaver Storybook!  
Remember those?! 

And no.. they should not be limited to a child hood memory! I would love one anytime... they just seem hard to find these days. 
So the card was designed with a layout that I could remember for the Life Saver Storybook, which is almost as good to open as a good book. 
Anyone else like the Life Saver Story Books?

Here's an even better question...
What is a favorite Christmas memory of yours?

Let me know in the comments below, as well let me know if you would like to do a tutorial for this card ( I think it would have to be a video or a live ). 

Have wonderful Sunday Evening!