Feature Cards with Heron Habitat & Oceanfront

 This week has found me first of all very sick... however I knew I was feeling somewhat better when I was able to crawl to my desk and partake in a little paper crafting, which is always one of  my happy places!

I pulled out this Heron Habitat stamp set & dies ( bundle ), and how relaxing that has been to work with. 

As you can see ~ the Oceanfront stamp set was the perfect pairing for Heron Habitat right from the get go!

I don't know a lot about Heron's or their habitat, other than they are normally found near water. I'm not even sure of the color they are supposed to be. Here in Ontario, we have a blue Heron, so perhaps my color choice should slant a bit towards a blue color on some future cards. They have always just looked like a bit of a shabby gray to me. 

What color do you think the Herons should be? 

And... what kind of habitat do you think they would be in?

This was the first card I created with a pretty pale pink/peachy sky  and the Heron looked happy enough there, so I was content with that. 

For the next card, I was feeling quite beachy, and thinking of a warm summer day at the ocean front ( though I have never seen any of the oceans ).  This was my take on what I thought it should be. 
At the same time I was thinking of a lovely picture that my son and daughter and law have on their wall that is a combination of 3 photos placed and in the end makes a complete picture.
So this is where the idea for this card layout arose from.

The 3rd card was really just my desire to use a sky with a more sullen pink hue, a different Heron from the stamp set, just a different kind of scene while still using the Oceanfront stamp set for background.
And... I loved it! 
This card was incredibly easy to make and definitely one I will feature in one of my future card classes. 
I think these cards would pair beautifully with Sympathy or Thinking of you Sentiments. 
So I'm sure I'll be giving that a try in the next creative process.

There will most definitely be more cards coming using the Heron Habitat Bundle. The die set is filled with many little detailed pieces which makes creating endless! 

This stamp set is perfect for building so many scenes.
Definitely a must have! 

I've got some other great product I have been dabbling with so be sure to check back for a peek when I get those featured cards & products finished! 

Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed these cards. ( Don't forget, we have prize drawings for comments). πŸ˜€

Until then... Have a fantastic Friday.. and stay safe!