A Stormy Week ~


A Stormy Week....

So this happened this past week...

I am not sure what other areas this brutal storm affected. I do know that some areas got hit much harder than we did, and my heart goes out to everyone suffering the impacts of this weather event. 
Where I live in Ontario, we are definitely not used to this type of weather, the storm came in fast and took all of us by "storm". 
The damage was devastating, and many in this area were left with no power for upwards of a week, some are still waiting for the return of power. 
The sound of chainsaws has overpowered the birds for the last week, seems there was always a chainsaw lulling in the distance. 
Kudos to our Hydro, Road Maintenance, and Emergency crews that have worked so hard to get everyone back to some sense of normality. 
So again, I am not sure what you may have experienced for weather, but do hope that everyone is well. 

Due the lack of power ~ posts here, card tutorials, and generally anything for this page, just weren't happening! 

Hopefully, I can catch up this week!