Easter Bunny Treat Holder Box!

These Easter Bunny boxes are nothing short of adorable!

Filled with chocolate Easter Eggs they are perfect little Easter gift for someone special! 

Just look at that little bunny butt?
These Bunny Box Treat Holders are just the cutest! 

These have been all created up and packaged by the dozens for a local market for Easter.

Here's another in pink!
I've done many colors and patterns of paper! 
Not only are they cute, they are fun to make! 

This box comes with a lot of inspiration from "Stamping with Amore".
 She is an amazing box and treat holder maker!
The original box frame came from her design for a Santa at Christmas time.
Then I just added some ovals, and circles, and more ovals, and a few more circles. 
My first creation looked like a cat.... bahahaha! Well at least I know how to make a Cat Box, should I ever need one ( maybe to hold kitty treats ). 
Needless to say, a lot of fooling with dies, and shapes, and punches and this cute little bunny was the end result. Hope you like him! 

These Bunny Boxes are just one of the many adventures we will take in April! 

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