Downtime at my Desk ~ Sweet Songbirds


So, I have had this card layout stuck in my head since I first received the Sweet Songbirds stamp set & punch. I just kept thinking I want to create a birdhouse shaped card. Well I think I accomplished that. This was just a first attempt and I'm sure I'll change things up on the next one. Nothing ever remains the same while creating. Have you ever noticed that?

Though the card itself is an adorable little birdhouse, it actually features this cute little punched out bird from the "Sweet Songbirds" bundle ( stamp set & punch ). 

You need to put this on your list... it has endless possibilities for creating some really cute cards! 

I had made a card similar to this layout for a Christmas card, and as well again for another card or two. Using it then because I wanted the sort of hinge technique ( I call it ).  I was pretty sure this layout was going to work... and it did!

So this card starts with a traditional portrait card base layout.

Once you have the layout worked out, its just the designing after that. The designing is the fun part!
 I wanted more than just a circle for the hole in the birdhouse, so I used a wreath die cut from a set of dies no longer with us. However I do think we have something similar still in one of the catalogues (I'll look that up before I do up a tutorial ).

That's right, I think this will be a perfect spring tutorial for our "Paper Adventures".
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I made a few other creations while at my desk today, all featuring new product, and I'll share those with you during this week. 

We have Throwback Thursday on Thursday ( of course )... 
Wondering what I can pull out of the vault for that card?
Be sure to check back for that as well! 

I hope you enjoyed this little Sneak Peek of another card made with new product coming on June 3 in the release of the New Annual Catalogue 2022. 

Update: Sweet Songbirds is now Available to order! 

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