Downtime at my desk~ 

Earlier this week, a little downtime at my desk led to this super cute "Get Well Wishes" Tissue Box Candy/Lozenge Holder! 

Imagine someone is unfortunately feeling a little under the weather, and you give them this little box that looks like a miniature kleenex box. The greeting itself look similar in shape to a Kleenex itself. There is another sentiment on the greeting that didn't get pictured, it says "thinking of you". 
This box is going to make someone smile! Then they open it up and its filled with halls/throat lozenges or perhaps their favorite mints or candies.
What an awesome little pick me up! 
Now the creation of this box has of course led me down a creative path that includes a few more "get well" oriented cards designed to bring a smile when someone is feeling down. 
These projects will be featured during April right here! 

Remember, if there is a certain type of card you would like to see more of, or a certain stamp or die set you are curious about ~ comment below so I can create some tutorials, and tell you a bit about the products. 

In April ~ I also start  "In My Opinion" post each week that will cover a product and why I bought it, what my expectations were, and how that product faired out in my creative process. 
So be sure to check back to see more about the above stuff. 

Thanks for having a peek! 😏

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