Luminary Card ~ Remodel


 The Luminary card allows you to create a box type layout that a small battery operated tealight candle will fit inside and allows a flickering candle flame behind the design on your card. Below is an example of Luminary card that I created last year, unfortunately the photo flickering was in a video. However, you can imagine it. Now I'm going to have to create another one just to show the effect properly.

Traditionally I have used this card layout for a luminary card, until I recently saw my friend Karen ( ) post a scene card using the Friends of the Forest Stamp Set. Let me just say, it was adorable! 
Of course, I had to give it a try and here is my CASED version of her card below.

Isn't it just sweet! I loved it! 
Of course the whole time I recreated this one, I could only think about the how cute the Happy Hedgehogs would work using the same card layout. 
Then this came into play on my desktop. πŸ‘‡

Now the Luminary fold has been around for quite some time, and many a card creator has used this layout for so many beautiful cards. 
It is a quick and easy layout and possibly we can do a tutorial for this one. 

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