Ladybug or?

 Ladybug Or???

All week we have some some really cute ladybug cards! Some red, some blue, some blush pink, and even some magenta madness in color. 

I still want to try purple and a few other colors!

What color would you make your ladybugs?

Who says it has to be a ladybug?

Well... turns out it the fantastic "Hello Ladybug" bundle doesn't just have to be for ladybugs!

Yep!! They are bees!! 

And incredibly adorable bees at that! 

Many times our stamps, punches and dies, can be used to create an image that they weren't originally intended for. That's creativity at it's best! 
Here is the card I created using the re invented "bee"!

A simply cute card! 

That pretty much wraps up the "ladybug" adventures for this week! 
Have an amazing weekend! 
Don't forget to check back Monday ( it's my birthday ) for our usual 5 Minute Monday Card Tutorial and well... who knows what else we'll "BEE" up to! 

Thanks for having a peek! 😏
The Paper Artist